The Mystique of Metaphors

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Bok om metaforer, på engelska.
Denna bok ger dig konkreta och inspirerande exempel på hur metaforer utmanar våra referensramar och hur de kan förändra de invanda världskartor som vi använder. Med The Mystique of Metaphors kan läsaren öppna upp sitt tänkande för nya inlärningsmöjligheter och upptäckter.

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The Mystique of Metaphors

”It was while studying NLP that I became aware of how much storytelling winds itself throughout our lives and it’s absolutely fascinating. The metaphors in this book are very important and have a fantastic message for your unconscious, a message which will contribute to your life and the people you meet. I myself became conscious of the importance metaphor plays in helping us to learn and teach new skills and how it opens our minds to new opportunities. I use metaphor in my many roles, as a teacher, a parent, a coach, a manager and a friend. Read this book – open up your mind for the magic and power of these metaphors.”

Nic Jarvis, Coach, Manager, MD xtravaganza UK


”The use of metaphors has been a powerful tool in helping my coachees expand their opportunities and view themselves both at work and play from a different perspective. It has enabled me to spice up my seminars and add the sizzle, helping me to clarify situations with humor and authenticity. This book is invaluable for all those interested in furthering their own personal development both as a coach and coachee. I shall be recommending it further. Thank-you Ingalill for providing such a clear, constructive and inspiring book.”

Lexie Griffiths, Success coach, Global Leisure and Fitness Consultant,
Director of Entertainment with Know-how, Keynote Speaker


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